Week 6 Blog Post

For this weeks reading, we took a look at Manuel Castell’s work on the Egyptian Revolution. In his research he talks about what first sparked the revolution and the support that made the revolution blow up. A big supporter of this revolution was the media, more specifically a video that someone posted on YouTube. This video exploded,and was eventually named “The Video that Helped Spark the Revolution”. This was the most effective way to spread awareness on what was going on in Egypt because of how fast and easy information was able to spread. People were posting on multiple platforms mostly trying to expose the oppression going on  during the Hosni Mubarak presidency.

One conclusion that we can draw from this reading is that social media was the main reason the Egyptian Revolution blew up. People would record and post events that happened during the revolution to YouTube and Facebook, sometimes even live stream them. The people of Egypt even coordinated events through Twitter, and used blogs to express how they felt about what was going on and to spread awareness. Although communication before social media was helpful in this Revolution as well, social media had and unimaginable impact on the revolution.


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