Digital Gender Divide

For this weeks blog post we looked at a study done by Martin Hilbert, which looked at how both male and females use technology in developing countries. Hilbert starts off with a little background information on how technology was seen as a male thing, and women weren’t as tech savvy because they always second guess themselves and “have low self-esteem”. He later explains how women began to catch up with men, and how ITCs can actually be an empowering tool for women not only for business purposes, but to over come discrimination against women as well.

My hypothesis/position on this.. ? Well reading this I was actually a little shocked. In todays day and age, I feel like its the complete opposite. I feel like women are the more superior beings when it comes to technology. The main reason I think this is because of the explosion of social media. Women are social beings, more so than most men, so when we found out we can communicate with our friends online.. it was a game changer. Then instagram came with showing off your photography skills. Personally, seeing how social media works and online data, is one of the reasons why I became a DTC major. This article was a little hard to read with out any bias or having my own strong opinion, but this was an eye opener.


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